Barrelfish Lead Cultivation Software

Converting Data to Dollars

1. Find

We know you don’t need more data. You need actionable insights.

So BarrelFish uses data intelligently for you, matching your best customers to our big data API providers to find the right targets for your next marketing tactic.

Compelling creative, yours or ours.

2. Engage

Campaign + prequalified prospects + incentives = Success

Typical campaigns using our software are direct mail and email driving targeted prospects to a landing page to watch a short video or attend a webinar and receive an incentive to provide feedback through answering a few questions. We get your message heard and based upon their actions, determine their level of interest.

Actions correlate with likelihood to buy.

3. Score

We track every video watched, email opened and website visited, and combine that data with the response questions answered and other data attributes to determine what leads are ready to buy, who needs more nurturing and who should be excluded from future marketing efforts

Hot leads delivered directly to your sales team.

4. Deliver

Your sales force will be notified in real-time as new leads come in and can view lead score and all appropriate data to determine the best course of action for each lead.

Real time insights to refine and improve.

5. Measure

Barrelfish happens in real-time and provides visibility into the results of your marketing efforts including:

  • direct mails
  • emails
  • landing pages
  • videos
  • survey responses
  • A/B tests

Real-time insights enables you to learn what messages work, and what fall flat.