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Oct 22
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Secure Retirement Resource gets 4.9% response rate to cold list

It’s hard getting your message heard. It’s even harder when your company is new and you are trying to promote a product with a negative stigma. That’s why Secure Retirement Resource’s BarrelFish campaign is more amazing. Secure Retirement Resource has a unique service to provide long-term care insurance to folks who need it. They needed

Oct 22

Cultivating Leads, Not Generating Them

Lead Generation is too broad a term to be meaningful I’m proud of the BarrelFish software we built and like telling people about it. The problem I kept running into was when telling people we made “lead generation” software I would get some blank stares, others responses such as “Oh, can you sell me a list of leads like Infousa?”, other

Sep 10

Why the Apple Pencil Makes Sense

During the recent Apple Keynote, Apple unveiled a new stylus called the Apple Pencil, specifically designed to work with the Apple iPad Pro. As pointed out immediately all over twitter: “If you see a stylus, they blew it.” -Steve Jobs, 2010 — Ryan Block (@ryan) September 9, 2015 Why Now? What if anything, has changed